Spring Splurges

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When festival season is right around the corner, I tend to get into boho-mode.
If you can't already tell, I tend to gravitate toward the bohemian end of the spectrum when spring rolls around (and it's by-far my favorite).

These are just some of the items I've been crushing on lately; and yes, they're a little pricey.
A girl can dream.

I have a small collection of Sam Edelmans in my closet, and believe me they're worth the price. Besides being gorgeous, the shoes are unbelievably comfortable. I've seen these tall gladiators all over recently and I've been itching to grab some for myself. These look like the perfect pair to add to my collection!

I love my phone, but I'm a super-klutz and I know I could never go case-less. That's why I'm always on the hunt for a super cute phone case. This case is both beautiful and reasonably priced. It helps that it fits right in with my spring wardrobe. It's a win-win-win!

I've been lusting after this lace set for a while now. For Love and Lemons is known for it's intricate lace work, bralettes and it's festival vibe. This set is classy yet sexy ad perfect for the warmer months. Throw in some minimal nude heels and you've got the perfect dressy, warm-weather outfit.

I'm a huge, huge fan of babydoll/flowy dresses. I especially love the stone wash and the gold embroidery on this one. This dress is perfect for transitioning into spring; just add a denim or leather jacket and add some ankle boots and you're set.

I fell in love the second I set my eyes on this clutch. Between the leather, stamped gold, and the turquoise stones, it is literally calling my name (my birthstone is turquoise, and hello, leather). I know I'll never own this clutch due to it's astronomical price, but can I live?

Metal chain belts are another one of my trend-crushes this season. I think they look amazing over shorts, rompers and dresses! They just add a little somethin'-somethin' and I'm obsessed. It helps that this belt is a little more on the affordable side.

These boots. THESE BOOTS. I want a pair in every color. I'm a bit of a boot freak so any excuse to wear boots in the spring or summer and I'm in. The cut outs on these makes them super airy and comfortable to wear to festivals and with little dresses or shorts!

These shorts give me the same kind of vibe as palazzo pants or harem pants. I love how comfy and effortless they look, but pair it with a metal belt and woah!

Okay, I want to do a separate post entirely on swimwear, but I couldn't resist putting this one on the list. It's from River Island so it's reasonably priced, but still looks so trendy and expensive! It's also perfect as festival wear. Pair it with some denim shorts and a sick kimono and bam: cool, comfortable and chic.

Growing up, I was always the girl that frowned upon Birkentock's. Now, I crave them in every color and every style. I mean c'mon, they basically ooze comfortability and functionality. These might get a bad rap in the fashion world, but they're cool. Trust me, they're cool.

Which item(s) do you like best?
What are some of your favorite spring fashion trends?

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