Resolutions | 2015

I've put it off long enough, but here they are. I've always been a dreamer, a person with a multitude of passions; be it art, ...

I've put it off long enough, but here they are.
I've always been a dreamer, a person with a multitude of passions; be it art, sewing, crocheting, baking, even blogging (occasionally). Unfortunately, I'm also the type of person that needs a little incentive. I'll get wrapped up in one thing and then move on to something else in a week's time. 
This year, it's time for a some change. Writing has always helped me gather my thoughts, and I believe that writing down (or typing, rather) all of my goals will help me achieve everything I plan to.

- Stop procrastinating -
When it comes to getting things done, I'm the absolute worst. I'll even procrastinate my procrastination. This year I want to get organized and get my s**t together.

-
Whether it be books, articles, magazines (the good kind, not celebrity junk), or even blog posts. Reading expands our mind and vocabulary, and sometimes helps to shape our character. 

- Write more - 
Writing has always been my favorite form of expression. I've always loved journaling either in public or in private. Through it, I'm able to release feelings I've held pent up inside that I can't express otherwise. 

- Learn a new skill, or two - 
I've always loved photography, and I'd like to develop skills in that area and find my own personal style. (I just got my first DSLR for Christmas and I've been dying to play with it!) I'd also like to follow in my Vavó's footsteps and learn how to properly sew, hem, and create a few clothing pieces of my own.

- Honor my body -
Eat more raw, natural foods. Cut out boredom-binging, and baking just to bake. WORK OUT. I don't necessarily mean crazy cardio or weights, but at least a half-hour a day of something that will help strengthen body, mind, and spirit (i.e yoga). 

I've always been the "shy" one, some might even say "antisocial". At 21 years old, I think it's finally time to step out of my shell. I need to work on strengthening relationships I already have, listen more, ask more questions. I need to introduce myself to new people, strike up a conversation just because. I need to reply to text messages even if I don't know what to say, and I need to spend more time with those I truly love even if I haven't been keen on showing it.

- Go out, and enjoy - 
I have a solid relationship with my couch, I think my bum's outline is permanently indented. I need to start taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way, they don't knock twice. I'd love to spend more time in nature, and more time exploring my surroundings. I'd love to take a road-trip, see new places, have new experiences, and make some amazing memories.

What are your intentions for 2015?

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